Patra Petika (2022 Part-1) Ullu Web Series Download & Review

Patra Petika (Part-1) Ullu Web Series Download

Patra Petika Ullu Web Series Information

Movie Information
IMDb Rating: x/10
Genres: Romance, Erotic
Language: Hindi (ORG)
Quality: 720p [WEB-DL]
Size: See below ▼
Director: Jasbir Bhati
Stars: Dhananjay Sharma (Sharad), Prajakta Dusane (Lata), Vishal Mohan (Sudhir), Nandu Devgan (Welcome)

Lata was a simple girl from a small village. Sharad, the local postman, gets attracted to her, and to get close, starts writing letters in her husband Sudhir’s name. He also read those letters for her. Lata falls for the poetic letters thinking they are from Sudhir. This strange relationship she develops with the letters takes her life to a point she never imagined.

Patra Petika Ullu Web Series  Trailer

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Patra Petika Ullu Web Series Short Story

Patra Petika Ullu Web Series was first released in movie theaters and on various premium live stream websites in a completely legal way. The film has received rave reviews from viewers since its release. The main reason for this is that every moment of the movie is made according to the needs of the audience.

Every moment of Patra Petika Ullu Web Series is captured so beautifully that once you sit down to watch a movie, no one wants to get up without seeing the end of the movie. Although the movie was released a long time ago, the popularity of this movie has not diminished yet. 

Although the type of movie was drama and action. Yet many scenes in this movie are seen in romance, comedy, crime, adventure, horror and action scenes. This may be one of the reasons why the movie is so popular. So for those who like to watch this kind of mixer movie, the movie is unique. 

Patra Petika Ullu Web Series One of the most popular movies in the world. The movie gained so much popularity that viewers stormed the entire box office before and after its release. Our popular heroes and heroines have contributed the most to the popularity of the film.

Patra Petika Ullu Web Series Cast

  • Dhananjay Sharma as Sharad
  • Prajakta Dusane as Lata
  • Vishal Mohan as Sudhir
  • Nandu Devgan as Welcome