Communicating With Insurance Company

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not paying out large claims. There are a few areas defense lawyers will look at regarding your claim: how legitimate your injuries are, whether you’re credible, and whether or not these injuries came as a result of the wreck.

Social media comments and photos can work either for or against you, but a skilled lawyer can turn just about anything into evidence against your claim. Photos and texts can be taken out of context and presented to a judge as evidence against your claim.

LOOK! Insurance Agencies
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LOOK! Insurance Agencies Inc. specializes in nonstandard or high-risk auto insurance in Michigan. Whether you have had bad credit, too many tickets or accidents, no continuous coverage for a while, or your age limits you from getting good rates in the standard market, LOOK! Insurance can help. We can help you get insurance regardless of your driving record in most every circumstances.

A Michigan company, LOOK! Insurance Agencies Inc. represents many highly rated insurance companies. Look Insurance Agencies has more than 16 convenient independent locations. Our franchises are owned and operated by members of the local community. Our agents are well-trained and informed on the various types of insurance available to you. We know what to look for when seeking the best quote for our customers.

Although you may have ongoing injuries after the accident, you still have activities that go on in daily life. Attending a wedding, your child’s sports events, or a family reunion may be physically taxing for you, but one photo of you standing unassisted, laughing seemingly free of pain, can put your injury claim into question.